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Go Gurez is a hashtag initiative started by Er. Sheikh Aadil Mushtaq (KPS 2015), known for his philanthropic work. It is an initiative to magnify and boost the tourism potential of Gurez Valley. Gurez Valleys had been merely a rural tehsil and was visited by a handful of tourists but as of now due to this initiative, there has been an abrupt rise in tourist count. Which has contributed to the economic growth of this valley. This website has been created just to give you a virtual tour of this beautiful valley.

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Capt. Sami Ara Surury

After globetrotting for two decades, i happened to visit Gurez. It was like 'Chirag Tale Andhera', couldn't believe my own district had heaven hidden within heaven - The Gurez Valley. Come see the real beauty. 

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Gurez Valley, Jammu And Kashmir, 193503


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